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2020 China Brand Online Fair
Wooden Door

Wooden Door

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Exhibit parameters

  • Exhibit code:SN007231
  • Size of exhibits(mm):
  • Model of exhibits:
  • Materials of exhibits:
  • Color of exhibits:
  • Place of delivery:China--
  • Raw material production place:China--
  • Features of exhibits:

Details of exhibits

Product Description

Category:Building materials decorative materials

Product name:Solid wood folding door, Solid wood door, Solid wood glass door

Purpose:Can be used as indoor door, wardrobe door

Material:SPF composite material be used as the base material, hemlock or red oak be used as the face material

Features:SPF composite material as the solid wood door’s base material, play the role of structural connection and frame, improve the ability to resist deformation; The wood veneer made by precious tree species, can be used as the surface decoration material of the door, which can truly reflect the characteristics of the wood, and the texture has strong decorative effect.In addition to good visual effect, it also has sound insulation, heat insulation, high strength, good durability and other characteristics.The highest level of wood products accord with the standard Japanese F☆☆☆☆.


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