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2020 China Brand Online Fair

Main target market:
Minimum order quantity :
Collection of exhibits

Exhibit parameters

  • Exhibit code:SN007238
  • Size of exhibits(mm):
  • Model of exhibits:
  • Materials of exhibits:
  • Color of exhibits:
  • Place of delivery:China--
  • Raw material production place:China--
  • Features of exhibits:

Details of exhibits

Product Description


Fabric weight:950g/

total weight:3000g/



Backing:100% rubber

Place of original:China

Application:indoor and outdoor areas of various kinds of business.



The technology of floor mat spray dyeing is applied to the field of customized floor mat, displaying complex patterns, colors and designs. Realize your all-round design dream, help your corporate image and brand culture leave a perfect impression on customers.Advanced mat spray dyeing technology,the application in the field of customized floor MATS,can shoe complex pattern,to a great extent,color and design effect absolutely fine.Realize my dream you a comprehensive range of design,support your corporate image and brand culture to customers a perfect first impression.


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