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2020 China Brand Online Fair
Double wall corrugated pipe extrsuion line

Double wall corrugated pipe extrsuion line

Drainage corrugated pipe extrusion line

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Exhibit parameters

  • Exhibit code:SN007773
  • Size of exhibits(mm):
  • Model of exhibits:SL600
  • Materials of exhibits:
  • Color of exhibits:
  • Place of delivery:China--
  • Raw material production place:China--
  • Features of exhibits:

Details of exhibits


Product Description

Corrugated pipe extrusion lines are used for the production of double layer corrugated pipes used for drainage, sewage, water collection and cable protection; Suba lines produces from OD40mm to ID1200mm/1500mm double layer corrugated pipes. Corrugated pipes are widely used for the urban and rural construction.


Suba corrugated pipe extrusion line main models:

SL180: OD40mm to OD180mm;

SL300: ID100mm to ID300mm;

SL600: ID100mm to ID600mm;

SL800: ID200mm to ID800mm;

SL1000: ID300mm to ID1000mm;

SL1200: ID600mm to ID1200mm.

Qingzhou Suba Machinery focuses on the R&D of corrugated pipe extrusion line; All the extrusion lines uses horizontal structure, closed loop water cooling system, production speed is high. Welcome for your inquiry.

Contact information:

Amy + 86 18765639190




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